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Creating memories, emotions and travel experiences!

Our goal is to answer the question: “What should I see?” or “what to do?”. There is an infinite amount of information on the internet that is definitely not for everyone and will definitely confuse you. We want to give you unique choices based on your interests and make things simple for you.

We connect you through our experiences with a deeper understanding of destinations and allow you to see the world in a different way.

We create real experiences, not just a visit to an already well-known destination. We will take you to idyllic places, hidden and unorganized archeological sites, and we will travel you to the places of myths!

Our tours are less holiday and more travel

Founder - General Manager

I was born and raised in a village on Mount Parnassos, the mountain of Apollo, Pan and the Muses. But I live in Athens the last 30 years. I studied tourism management, in Crete island and have been working in tourism for more than 30 years. Having worked for many years in hotels, touring is something that I appreciate immensely, something that makes me feel free and happy. My passion is history, mythology and travelling.

Tour guide

Graduated from the Faculty of Economics and Masters in International Negotiations. He began his career in the Hellenic Navy Officer in first line ships and as an executive in the Command staff, but he decided that it didn't suit him, and that's how tourism won him over. He loves Athens and its history and is passionate about it. He is the youngest part of our team, but extremely experienced for his age.

Founder - CEO

I was born in the village of Delphi on the mountain Parnassos. I study at the Military Academy of Greece. and served the army as an officer for 25 years. The Military History Directorate helped me a lot to read original documents from the sources. My love for history and adventure made me lead tours with travelers for more than 5 years now. The Military History Directorate helped me a lot to read original documents from the sources.

Tour guide

Was born and lives in Athens. Studded and work in tourism all his life. He is cool, funny and helpful. He loves sea and guiding people all over Greece

Guest Relations – Tour Guide

I was born in Poland in Krakow and all my school life I was impressed by ancient Greek mythology and philosophy. I study psychology and I decided to visit Greece. I moved to Sweden for work and I travelled almost all the world, including 2 years working in the USA Finally moved to Greece in 2020. Working in this company makes me happy because I do what I always loved and share my passion for Greece with guests.

Sales Manager – Tour Guide

I was born and raised in Athens. I have studied and worked in Tourism all my life and I love traveling. I enjoy sharing my experiences, my love for Greece and my knowledge of the area where I live.

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Our Story

Gathering moments.

We have studied and worked in Tourism all our lives but we are also people who love to travel. All these years we have heard travelers from all over the world describe their needs¨: flexible itineraries, freedom to explore, smaller groups, safety and peace of mind, and locally based guides who show you your destination in a way you’d miss traveling any other way. So, we thought “what does the future of travel look like?”. We believe this is the future and here we are to discover it!

Even if you’re a solo traveler, we are too!,  we believe it’s the people you’re with that make all the difference in the short time you’re traveling. Listening to a fascinating story or seeing the impressive natural landscapes and having the opportunity to learn something new, shared experiences with good company are something you will never forget.

Bearing in mind that: “we are all our experiences”, we are excited to present you, a better way to organize your trip to Greece.


We bring the myths and stories to life, the way only a local could do. We don’t want just, to saw you and tell you. Our goal is to give you emotions!


Local guides, experts and passionate will always be with you, with a deep knowledge of the area you are visiting.


Go to places that do not exist in tourist maps, some of them not even in Google maps! Because you are an insider and an adventurer, not a tourist


We make routes that we have discovered for ourselves, so we can offer you a real, out of the ordinary, experience.

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