Edem beach is one of the closest beaches in the center of Athens. Just 20 minutes and 7 kilometers from the Constitution, it offers a relaxing seaside experience. Admission is free and you do not have to pay for umbrellas and sun loungers.


On the coastal road Poseidonos you will find the beach of Sunny Beach. A popular destination for swimming and entertainment, as well as the first organized beach you will find when leaving the center of Athens, 7.5 km from it.

In the Sunshine Coast there are changing rooms, toilets, volleyball courts, rackets, refreshments, restaurants and cafes, while lifeguards and a fully equipped medical facility are at guests’ disposal.

Opening Hours:

Monday-Sunday 08: 00-20: 00 (information from the official Akti site).

Admission prices

Monday-Friday: General admission: € 5. Children up to 5 years: Free. Children 5-12 years old: € 3. Elderly (over 65): € 3. Sunbeds:

Free. Weekends & Holidays: General admission: € 6.


Going to Glyfada, at the height of the old airport of Elliniko you will find Agios Kosmas beach. Organized sandy beach with the main characteristic of tall palm trees, 10 km from Syntagma Square.

Next to the sports facilities you will see on your right hand, at the foot of the old airport bridge is the small creek. Half the beach is free, while the rest, with free entrance, is managed by the Kokomo Beach Bar, which is open from 08:00 until 21:00.


14 km from the center of Athens you will find the organized beach of Asteras Glyfada. Behind the old Asteria entertainment center, it stretches along the entire small peninsula to the south of Glyfada.

The beach is open daily from 08:00 until 20:00 and offers amenities for all tastes. It can accommodate up to 5,000 people, while changing rooms, storage lockers, sun loungers, umbrellas, playgrounds, beach volleyball courts and beach soccer courts are available.

Entry costs € 4 on weekdays and € 6 on weekends and the price includes umbrella and sun loungers. If you are looking for food or coffee solutions, there are many options, including the Balux House Project and the Balux Seaside, which also has a pool for those who do not want the sea breeze, with admission € 8 daily and € 12 on weekends.

In a few minutes you can find yourself in the center of Glyfada and stroll through one of the largest shopping malls in Attica, providing all the conveniences for dining, coffee or accommodation.


The old Voula campsite is about 100 meters from the beach of Athens at a distance of 15 kilometers from the center of Athens. In addition to the sandy beach, it includes a large area of uncultivated land, large trees, easy parking, roads and 11 small independent buildings. Admittedly, this is one of the best free beaches in Athens.


Situated 18 km from the center of Athens, in a beautiful pine-covered area, you will find Mikro Kavouri Beach.

Sandy beaches, warm and shallow waters, picnic trees and endless game time. Situated opposite Divani Apollon Palace Hotel, it is one of the bustling beaches. Sun beds and umbrellas are available for a charge. On the beach you will find toilets, changing rooms, showers, and there is a lifeguard. Water sports, such as windsurf, are also available, and you can enjoy water inflatable games. There is also a kiosk nearby in case you need water, soft drinks or a snack.


Shortly after Mikro Kavouri you will find the second beach of the area. Free Entrance – Recall that it was very popular in the 1970s, with sandy beaches and plenty of free swimming. There are plenty of food, sweet and coffee options, plenty of canteens, and at night the couples can enjoy an ideal stroll. At the same time, bike lanes, a playground and an outdoor theater have been created. In Kavouronissi, opposite the beach, you can walk on foot, as it is 300 meters from the coast. Also worth visiting is the ecological and archaeological adjacent park. The discovery of the largest surviving ancient carriageway provided important information on the history of the area, and it was found that it was in use throughout the 4th century. e.g. According to expert estimates, it was leading to an area of ​​the coast where there was a port in antiquity, part of which is nowadays only a small island – Kavouronissi – due to sea level rise of 1.5 meters from ancient times to ancient times, today.


It is the most secular beach of the Athenian Riviera and is aimed at those who have high tastes, want luxury and want to see many famous sights.

Located 25 kilometers from the center of Athens, in the area of ​​Laimos, are the facilities of the luxurious hotel. This beach remains open all year round, the waters are crystal clear and surrounded by pine trees in a bay of 300 meters. You will find restaurants and bars, hot water in the showers, changing rooms, and rackets and beach volleyball.

Christina Onassis, Joan Collins and Brizette Bardot are just some of the celebrities who have shown their preference in this verdant bay.

Admission prices Monday-Friday: Adults: € 18. Children (from 5 to 12 years): € 10.

Reserved Area Service: € 30.

Weekends & Holidays: Adults: € 28. Children (from 5 to 12 years): € 15.

Astir Beach has free WiFi throughout, so you can use your laptop or smartphone on the sun loungers or by the beach.


This is one of the hidden treasures of Athens. An idyllic scenery to be found, as we pass through the center of Vouliagmeni, on the left and towards Varkiza. The imposing rock, the thermal waters, the labyrinthine underwater tunnels and the lush vegetation create a unique geological phenomenon. Where the lake ends, an underwater cave has been excavated, which has been explored at 3,123 meters, but its end has not been discovered. At the same time, among its 14 tunnels is the largest in the world, 800 meters long, and the discovery of a huge stalagmite in the cave has created new data in research into the formation of the Mediterranean.

A restaurant and café, a children’s playground and fitness programs are available on the Lake grounds.

The constant water temperature, combined with the lake’s oval shape, creates Athens’ most beautiful natural pool in a paradise setting. During the year the lake is open for bathers from sunrise to sunset.

Ticket prices: € 12 (Monday-Friday), € 13 (weekends & holidays). Children up to 5 years: Free. Children 5-12 years old: € 5.50. Students (with student ID display): € 8 (Monday-Friday), € 9 (weekends & holidays).

Above the lake lies the rock of Faskomilia, which covers an area of ​​1,200 acres, which is a unique route for walking or cycling. You can walk the trails that will compensate you with incredible views of the Attica coastline and the lake.


Blue-flagged, the organized Vouliagmeni Coast at the intersection of Poseidon and Apollo str.  over an area of ​​76 acres and 650 meters of beach, combining the blue of the sea with a beautifully landscaped greenery.

Admission is € 4 Monday-Friday and € 5 on weekends.

The opening hours of the summer months are 8: 00-21: 00 (cash closure: 20:00).

Sun beds and umbrellas are not charged extra, and during peak times you need to get there early enough. Lifeguards, changing rooms, WC / showers, tennis courts, basketball and volleyball and beach bars are available on the beach, while prices in local canteens are very affordable

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