Find answers to your questions before joining a tour so that you can find out exactly what you want to know. If you have more question please feel free to reach us via contact form.

We feel we have to present you with a different proposal. We do not simply transport you or guide you. We enjoy the journey with you, it is not a routine. We try to fill emotions and memories, try to create real experiences, life experiences. Many friendships have already started during our travels and many will surely be created in the future.

We are certified tour operators, based on EU legislation, and we have all the necessary licenses to cover your safety and the security of your money. After all, according to the legislation of the European Union, each tour operator, in order to be able to operate, must deposit a certain amount, in order to cover the customer, in case we seem insolvent.

Just describe to us the needs and your budget. We can arrange a complete program for you, from start to finish, which will be a real experience.

Us too! We do not like big groups, after all. Even individuals can easily travel with us, there are no restrictions or minimum number of bookings. Besides, we will all be a company!

For women this is always a problem, whether they are traveling to Paris or Cairo. Especially for Greece, in the province there are no particular problems. As far as Athens is concerned, the situation is quite good, as long as you take care of your personal belongings in crowded places, avoid infamous areas of the center and do not travel alone late at night in places that are deserted. With us, however, we can guarantee that you will not have any problems.

Depending on the type of trip and the period you are booking, there are different needs. In any case, you will receive detailed instructions and advice from us, after your reservation, in a way that will cover all your questions or concerns.

Of course! There are deals with accommodation all over Greece and we achieve competitive prices for you. At the moment we are not particularly concerned with the issuance of airline tickets, but of course we can do it for you.

Just contact with us and let us know your question.

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