4 Days in Athens / Private tour

4 Days

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  • Mini Van of 9 seats, full air-conditioned
  • Time depends on your needs and Pick up is available by arrangement
  • Out of town, local experience, museums & culture, youth & nature & landscapes / Youth & Family / mythology & ancient Greece
  • light
  • English
  • 1-6


Athens is a very beautiful city that has been inhabited continuously since 4000 BC. Literally everyone “passed” through Athens They have “passed” and left their mark. Civilizations that have either “integrated” into the identity of the Modern Greek or not.

In any case, Athens is not only the city of classical times, even though its appearance refers directly to Ancient Greece.

And it’s nice to be time travelers, in a city like Athens.

Sounio is a magical place, full of positive energy and definitely a “must see”.

Delphi is a place, you have to visit, it looks like, the light and the atmosphere is different there… maybe it’s the light of Apollo!  That makes you feel more hopeful and your shoulders lighter.

Visiting an ancient temple and be able to walk inside and stand in the sanctuary, is a magical experience (temples of Apollo & Artemis at Lilaia)

With this experience, we tried to organize the traveler’s time in such a way that, finally, leaving Athens, he has the feeling that he really met Athens.

This experience is not a walk in monuments, with monologues like teaching. Its soul rebirth and real acquaintance with Greece!

We think it is wonderful to fill images and emotions! For us that will be the goal!


  • • Athens historical center: Plaka, Anafiotika, Monasiraki, Psiri, Thisio etc.
  • • Bars, Restaurands and night life
  • • Acropolis & Parthenon
  • • Philopappou and Nymphshill
  • • Prison of Socrates & Pnyx
  • • Hill of Mars (Arios Pagos)
  • • Ancient thaters of Dionysus & Erodes Atticus
  • • Ancient & Roman agora
  • • Piraeus port & naval battlefield of Salamis
  • • Lake of Vouliagmeni
  • • Sounio & Temple of Poseidon
  • • Delphi Oracle & Parnassus mountain
  • • Thermopylae battlefield


Day 1 :

Transfer from the airport, to your hotel.
This is not a conventional transfer, your tour starts from the airport. You will see vineyards, olive groves and the countryside of Attica and entering the city we will go through several points of interest to get a first taste.
Afternoon walk in Athens.
Acquaintance with the historic center of Athens, on a walk. We will walk on the oldest road in the world and in the narrow alleys of Monastiraki, Psyrri and Plaka, we will go up to Anafiotika, the most picturesque neighborhood of Plaka and we will see most of the sights, without paying a ticket. We will also guide the most interesting neighborhoods, restaurants and bars that are worth a visit.
After our walk you can either return to your hotel to relax or continue on your own in one of the bars we showed you before.

Day 2 :

Morning visit to the Acropolis and the Parthenon
We will go up to the Parthenon and we will see the Parthenon and all the monuments, above and around it (theaters of Dionysus and Herod of Attica, Erechtheion, Propylaea, Areos Pagos etc.)
After the Acropolis a short stop for rest and coffee, in one of the most beautiful cafes in the area.
Then we will start a new historical walk, where we will see: the prison of Socrates, the hill of the nymphs and Philopappou from where we will admire the amazing view of Athens and the monuments of the Acropolis. Then we will see the Observatory, the areas inhabited by the rich ancient Athenians, and Pnyx, the place where the church of the Municipality met in ancient Athens.
Lunch and tasting in one of the most beautiful Wine bar of Athens.
We will taste Greek flavors and wines
Return to your hotel for rest and appointment again at around 18:00.
Visit to Sounio
We will drive to Piraeus, the port of Athens since antiquity, there we will also see the place where the naval battle of Salamis took place. Then we will take the coastal road to Sounio. This is a magical route constantly by the sea, where we will stop several times for photos and to see the lake of Vouliagmeni. In Sounio we will see the temple of Poseidon that "hangs" above the sea and the archeological site. If the weather and the proper time allow it, we will see the famous sunset from there.
Return to Athens and free night.

Day 3 :

Today our hall day will be at the Delphi oracle and mountain Parnassus. We will also see the ancient city of Lilaia and the battlefield of Thermopylae.

Day 4 :

Free morning.
Depending on your time we suggest to visit: Museum of Acropolis or National archaeological museum, or National gardens and Kallimarmaro Stadium (first new Olympic games took place).
* It’s very easy to do it on your own, or we can do this together, with a very small charge.
Transfer to the airport


The Cost Includes

  • Transfer, Guiding services
  • Water & Sodas

The Cost Excludes

  • Tickets for the archaeological sites,
  • Wine bar Lunch and tasting,
  • Anything that is not described here
  • Guided tour of the Acropolis by a certified guide.
  • (*) Supplied with extra charge
  • * Most people today prefer to book hotel and airline tickets on their own. That is why in this experience, these are not included. If, nevertheless, it is desired, we can undertake these as well.
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Trip Info

  • Mini Van of 9 seats, full air-conditioned
  • Time depends on your needs and Pick up is available by arrangement
  • Out of town, local experience, museums & culture, youth & nature & landscapes / Youth & Family / mythology & ancient Greece
  • light
  • English
  • 1-6