Gates of Underworld (3 Days Tour)

3 Days
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  • Out of town, local experience, museums & culture, nature & landscapes / Youth & Family / mythology & ancient Greece
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Why this tour? For us, there are countless reasons that answer this “why”, let us mention only two.             The Acheron River is the road to the underworld, the dark kingdom of the god Pluto or Hades. Acheron in Greek means: “without joy”, so the river of sorrow. Here, in this river, Charon is always waiting with his boat, the guide of souls, god Hermes to hand over the souls of the dead people, to lead them to the kingdom of Hades. Even today, we are used to putting a coin in the pockets of the dead, it is necessary for him to be able to pay Charon. These are the myths described … and there are many here!

There are two other rivers here, even today: the Pyriflegedontas (fiery) and the Kokytos (lament). Where the three rivers meet, on the NW shores of Lake Acherousia, is the entrance to Hades, according to myths and Homer. Here is the Oracle of the Dead, which we will visit. This is where the visitors ended up, to communicate with the souls of their loved ones. With proper preparation, we too can achieve this … Of course we cannot promise you this, but it is impossible not to be touched by the magic of the landscape here!

This is the strange privilege of Greece: while everywhere in the world mountains are just mountains and rivers are just rivers, here are the places of myths! These myths were the beginnings of today’s Western civilization.

It is not only the myths and history that are of interest in Greece.  It is also the wonderful landscapes, this unique blue of the Sea, the Mediterranean cuisine and much more.

Parga is a beautiful colorful preserved village, with fantastic beaches.

I think it is wonderful to fill images and emotions! For us that will be the goal!


  • Corinth canal
  • Bridge of Rio – Antirio
  • Coastal road of Peloponnese & Western Greece
  • City of Preveza
  • Nikopolis (Ancient theater & Emperor Octavian’s (Julius) monument)
  • Parga
  • “Nekromantion”, the Oracle of Dead
  • River Acheron and the springs
  • Island of Lefkada


Day 1 :

We will start at 08.00 in the morning from Athens and we will need about five hours driving until we reach Parga. On our way, however, we will encounter many interesting places and incredible landscapes.
A first stop on the Corinth canal It is an impressive canal that was finally built in 1890, although the idea of its passage already existed from 602 BC.
The Rio - Antirio Bridge is also an impressive project that connects the Peloponnese with mainland Greece.
On our way we will pass and stop at beautiful coastal towns, such as Amfilochia, Vonitsa and of course Preveza, where we will have our meal.
Nikopolis, whose name contains the word victory, was the first city created by Julius Caesar in Greece. Sea and land roads led to Nikopolis and made it an important commercial center. The city was founded as a symbol of the great victory of Gaius Julius Caesar Octavian and later Roman emperor Augustus against Marco Antonio and Cleopatra VII of Egypt in Aktio in 31 BC. and flourished during the Roman period.
We will arrive in Parga at around 15:00 and we will spend the next two nights there. It is one of the most picturesque coastal villages in Greece with fantastic beaches.
Check in at our hotel and free afternoon, night. You are free to swim, walk around and explore the place. We will be around for any help you might need.

Day 2 :

Today will be dedicated to the gods of the underworld and will start at 09:00.
Visit to the Oracle of the dead (Nekromanteio). The most famous Dead oracle of the ancient Greek world is located near the northwestern shores of Lake Acherousia, at the confluence of the rivers of Hades, Acheron and Kokytos. In ancient sources the location of Lake Acherousia is described as the point of descent of the dead into Hades. The faithful went to the Dead oracle to meet the souls of the dead, who after their release from the body gained the ability to predict the future. The similarity of the Homer description with the location of the necromancer is astonishing (Odyssey).
Visit to the river Acheron and the springs. You have to go there to understand why the myths chose this point as the entrance to the world of the dead. We will have to walk on paths next to or in the river, but the landscape will compensate us. There are many activities to do there, such as: canoeing, rafting, horseback riding, cycling etc.

Day 3 :

Around 11:00 am we will check out from our hotel and we will visit the island of Lefkada. The island combines the shocking landscape of rocks and incredible beaches. Villages there are also enchanting.
We will be back in Athens around 19:00.


The Cost Includes

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  • Hotel pick up
  • Water & Sodas
  • Hotel & breakfast (double rooms)

The Cost Excludes

  • Ticket for the archaeological site of Nekromantio (3€/winter time - 6€/summer time) and for the archaeological site of Nikopolis (4€/winter time - 8€/summer time),
  • Lunch or Dinner
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  • Mini Van of 9 seats, full air-conditioned
  • Yime depends on your needs, pick up is available by arrangement
  • Out of town, local experience, museums & culture, nature & landscapes / Youth & Family / mythology & ancient Greece
  • light
  • light
  • 1-6